Worn & Torn

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Several years ago I went to meet an old boyfriend’s paternal grandparents. They were very Italian. They were vivacious. They loved that I did not follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

There were so many memories shared, there were so many mementos brought out to gaze upon. As we were leaving that night, the grandfather took me aside and brought me to a large closet. It was brimming with clothes. He pulled this bright, floral top from one of the racks. It still had the new tags. It had huge shoulder pads.

He handed it to me and told me that his wife was probably never going to wear it and probably never going to remember that she even had it. It was both thoughtful and bittersweet.


Flash forward many years later and this top, sans should pads, became one of my most worn closet essentials. I wore it until the delicate fabric began to shred. And I still wore it some more. I fixed the holes with bright pieces of thread and wore this blouse until even those new threads began to fray, too.

So, Nona Lina, the beautiful, ex-circus contortionist, accordion playing grandmother, thank you for this lovely blouse that smiled at me for years. I’ll probably still keep it in my closet for years and years.



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- Edith Head

– Edith Head

- Fran Lebowitz

– Fran Lebowitz

GRUB & GARB dossier / Shara

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Blue hair or golden hair, long flowing dresses or hot pink Doctor Martens, Shara is exciting to see. This wunkerkind knows her stuff about singing and performing, too. Oh yes, she also skateboards and bakes delicious treats. Basically, Shara has got a lot going on and I was curious to how she would pick her favorite clothing and food.


NAME – Shara Lunon AGE – 25 OCCUPATION – Musician and server



From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? Ideally, I’d like to start off with a smoothie; greens and fruits mixed together. Plus, an extra large cup of joe.

For lunch, perhaps something with carbs, like a sandwich (like the B.R.A.T. from Daily Green) with a big old salad on the side. (B.R.A.T. = Bacon, radicchio, arugula and heirloom tomatoes with hand-raised bacon lime mayo on country loaf.)

For dinner, I usually go for curry or stir fry; something heavy in veggies and a bit of protein, with rice.

Favorite cities for food? Salvador, Brazil. New York. Kyoto, Japan. 

Favorite splurge? Chicken and waffles, ice cream and dessert of any nature, particularly with chocolate.

What catches your eye on a menu? Probably price first, but I generally check out the specials or chef’s choices, then hit my default sections like the salad area.

What’s always in your fridge? Spinach, coconut milk, yogurt and leftovers.


Describe your personal style. I’d say I’m pretty eclectic. I like to mismatch in a particular way that highlights textures one day or patterns the next. I like dark colors in the fall and winter, and bright ones in the spring. Although, black is always my go-to staple. I like vibrant prints, head wraps and accessorizing with glitter. People like to call me “space opera princess” and I think that sums it up nicely.

Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly? A black skirt, my space themed platforms and an oversized, army green button-down that has patchwork on the back. Also, glitter.

What is your most recent purchase? A vintage, two-paneled gown.

Style icon(s)? Betty Mabry, Solange, Lisa Bonet as Denice Huxtable, Erykah Badu and Sun Ra.

5 things you can’t live without

  • Glitter.
  • Scarves.
  • My leather sandals, which are good with socks or au natural.
  • My silver collection.
  • Platforms.

Worn & Torn

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A few years ago, I spent a short time living in San Francisco, Calif. These great thrift stores exist out there called Buffalo Exchange. If you know the Gainesville, Fla. thrifting scene, this chain of shops is similar to Flashbacks Recycled Fashions. It was glorious to buy west coast duds at a low, low price.

This small, black jacket, originating from H&M, was one of my first purchases. It fit me like a glove. It cost a whopping $10.

Now, to the tear.


Sutro Baths ruins, San Francisco, Calif.

One afternoon, I was exploring Ocean Beach and the Sutro Baths ruins with my friend, Nate. We came upon a very rocky, very wet section of land. Nate pointed to the sharp, muddy terrain and told me,

“Watch out, it is slippery over here.”

I nodded and shuffled along the ruins. However, caution went with the wind. I slipped and fell. And fell. And, I am pretty sure, fell a little more. When I finally came to a stop, I was in a daze. Then I looked up and saw Nate, who was hollering things about me being alright. You know, general yells of concern. He was wearing a great look of horror and scrambled toward me with much more agility.

I was shocked, as I felt around my person, that all my body parts were still in place. Everything ached and it felt as though I had suffered from whiplash, but the damage was fairly minimal. My left side was caked in mud and my sea-foam green, off-brand Keds were scuffed beyond repair.


This is what the shoes look like when I “cleaned” them, the good side.

A little later, on flat ground, I noticed the big tear in my new jacket. I was sad for maybe 11 seconds and then felt relief that I had not cracked my head open.

I still wear my jacket and I still find myself feeling around the rip, touching it to know it is still there. I loved that adventure and it adds some flare.



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– Bill Blass


– Julia Child

GRUB & GARB dossier / Lady Dug

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I work in a wild restaurant. There are a thousand bodies coming and going.

It is always busy and there will probably be a line out the door. Entering the dim, glowing establishment, one is likely to happen upon Amy. She will instantly make you smile.

She is petite, yet she is giant. Her personality and attitude are the most amazing. The more I get to know her, the more I see how truly talented, creative and hilarious she is. Amy Dug. Lady Duggy. Whatever you end up calling this glittering, musical delight: she is superb.

So, as my first GRUB & GARB profile, I could not be more excited. Drumming, grooving, styling on her roller-skates—this girl is a shimmering sight.


NAME – Amy Duggy (Lady Dug) AGE – 24 OCCUPATION – Musician, waitress and host


Myself and Lady Dug, right.


From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? My ideal soul food day would consist of Puerto Rican comfort food all day long! Fresh fruit, guava and a cheese pastelito (baked puff pastry). For breakfast, a café con leche. Plus, some freshly baked, sweet bread from a panadería. I wake up famished most mornings.

For lunch, a fried feast of alcapurrias (fritter dish), empanadillas and coquito (eggnog like beverage) to drink! 

For dinner, arroz con gandules (rice, pigeon peas and pork), lechón (pork dish), yucca mofongo (root vegetable mash) and fried breadfruit. 

Limber for dessert (flavored ice). 

Favorite cities for food? Arecibo, Puerto Rico and Chicago, Illinois. 

Favorite splurge? Eating out and retail therapy. 

What catches your eye on a menu? Breadfruit  and salted cod fish. 

What’s always in your fridge? Butter and bread.  


Describe your personal style. My Style is eclectic and eccentric. Spaceship, vintage, goth, reflective, rainbow, Egyptian and “glamfunk.” image

Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly? Black skater skirts and thigh-highs.

What is your most recent purchase? Blue jelly platform shoes. 

Style icon(s)? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Anna Karina, Sun Ra, Erykah Badu and Yukimi Negano.

5 things you can’t live without. I’d like to think I don’t need anything, but right off the cuff…

  • I totally can’t live without my prescription glasses.
  • My kick drum.
  • Glitter jewels and gems.
  • My kitty, Badu.
  • My baby blue, galactic star, heelless heels.


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- Bette Midler

– Bette Midler

- Orson Welles

– Orson Welles