Worn & Torn

November 11, 2014 § Leave a comment



When I lived in Baltimore I did a lot of walking and wandering. As a young, poor student I also was very money savvy. My friends and I frequented the thrift stores that bordered our college. The best shops were often in the seediest parts of town. There was usually a security guard waiting at the front door. I guess it was a necessary job to deter someone from stealing a $3 pair of jeans.

One of my favorite places was Value Village on North Avenue. They had daily deals and a constant influx of new old stuff. (Mutually agreed as a favorite thrift spot.) I often had to go there for odd supplies for art projects. Metal things for constructing a cake stand, fabric bits for making a teepee and occasionally, okay always, I would look around for hidden gems to adorn myself.


Shoes, one of my biggest weaknesses and cravings, were always a section I had to go poke around. Plus, as a Floridian living up north, I was always on the lookout for warm and cosy items.

I spotted these moccasins and there was just something about them. Yes, they were a little dingy. Yes, they were falling apart a bit at the seams. No matter, I had to have them and they were merely $2. I actually liked the way someone had tried to repair them. At the time, they were fixed with a little red thread. I was majoring in fiber, after all, sewing and stitching is a love of mine.

I bought these shoes and still have them all these years later. I have since added some new, green thread in an attempt to keep them alive longer. They are wearing away more and more each day, but they continue to be reliable, cosy, dirty and completely, nostalgically lovable.


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