Worn & Torn

October 7, 2014 § Leave a comment


A few years ago, I spent a short time living in San Francisco, Calif. These great thrift stores exist out there called Buffalo Exchange. If you know the Gainesville, Fla. thrifting scene, this chain of shops is similar to Flashbacks Recycled Fashions. It was glorious to buy west coast duds at a low, low price.

This small, black jacket, originating from H&M, was one of my first purchases. It fit me like a glove. It cost a whopping $10.

Now, to the tear.


Sutro Baths ruins, San Francisco, Calif.

One afternoon, I was exploring Ocean Beach and the Sutro Baths ruins with my friend, Nate. We came upon a very rocky, very wet section of land. Nate pointed to the sharp, muddy terrain and told me,

“Watch out, it is slippery over here.”

I nodded and shuffled along the ruins. However, caution went with the wind. I slipped and fell. And fell. And, I am pretty sure, fell a little more. When I finally came to a stop, I was in a daze. Then I looked up and saw Nate, who was hollering things about me being alright. You know, general yells of concern. He was wearing a great look of horror and scrambled toward me with much more agility.

I was shocked, as I felt around my person, that all my body parts were still in place. Everything ached and it felt as though I had suffered from whiplash, but the damage was fairly minimal. My left side was caked in mud and my sea-foam green, off-brand Keds were scuffed beyond repair.


This is what the shoes look like when I “cleaned” them, the good side.

A little later, on flat ground, I noticed the big tear in my new jacket. I was sad for maybe 11 seconds and then felt relief that I had not cracked my head open.

I still wear my jacket and I still find myself feeling around the rip, touching it to know it is still there. I loved that adventure and it adds some flare.



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